Marketer's Guide - How To Use TikTok Marketing And TikTok Advertising Marketer's Guide - How To Use TikTok Marketing And TikTok Advertising

Marketer's Guide - How To Use TikTok Marketing And TikTok Advertising

Unlocking Business Success with TikTok Marketing and TikTok Ads in Malaysia

In the realm of digital marketing, TikTok has emerged as a dynamic and influential platform that's not just for entertaining dance videos but also for promoting businesses. With its rapid growth in Malaysia, TikTok marketing and ads have become essential tools for brands looking to tap into the vast Malaysian market. In this post, we will explore what TikTok marketing and ads are and how they can help businesses thrive in Malaysia.


Do you know what is TikTok Marketing?

As the name suggests, TikTok Marketing is the activity of utilizing TikTok as a medium to convey your brand's value, message, and reach your targeted audience through the use of TikTok. Now you might be wondering, we have Instagram Marketing and Facebook Marketing, why should we be considering to market our business on TikTok?

TikTok has taken Malaysia by storm, boasting millions of active users. It's a short-video platform where users create and share engaging, bite-sized content. TikTok marketing involves leveraging this platform to promote your brand, products, or services to a highly engaged audience. 

Onroas Digital, the leading digital marketing agency in Malaysia has recently launched our TikTok services department in order to help our clients to achieve success in the TikTok landscape, utilizing TikTok marketing as a sales funnel to drive their business to success.

The Core of A Business' TikTok Marketing Strategy

Creating compelling and entertaining content is at the core of TikTok marketing. Whether it's funny skits, informative tutorials, or visually appealing product showcases, TikTok content can capture the attention of Malaysians and keep them engaged with your brand.

While many businesses still have not considered TikTok as a strong social media platform for their branding, an illustration of this is how only a few businesses have invested into their social media presence in Facebook and Instagram Marketing in 2015. Fast forward today, it has became unanimous that any business looking to achieve success in the current market must have some form of successful social media presence. 

At Onroas Digital TikTok Marketing Agency, we believe that where TikTok is today is where Meta (Facebook/Instagram) was 7-8 years ago, with the predominant content was still in entertainment. As TikTok refines their commercial features further, we believe that TikTok would become an irreplaceable ingredient to any successful business' social media strategy. 

Furthermore, due to the type of content that are popular on TikTok, many brands have already begun utilizing TikTok to showcase their brand personality and identity. Through this trend, we have observed that TikTok marketing enabled businesses to "humanize" their brand, making the brand more relatable and likable by the mass public and fostering stronger connections with their target audience on a personal level.

So What Are The Different Types Of TikTok Advertising?

In-Feed TikTok Ads:

These ads appear in users' feeds as they scroll through content. They are short and engaging, making them effective for capturing immediate attention.

TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenges:

Create a branded challenge to encourage user-generated content. These challenges can go viral and increase brand awareness.

TikTok TopView Ads:

These are full-screen video ads that appear when users open the TikTok app. They are an excellent way to make a memorable first impression.

TikTok Branded Effects:

Custom AR effects or filters related to your brand can enhance user interaction with your content.

How Does TikTok Ads Work?

Similarly to other platforms for visual advertising such as Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising, TikTok provides your business with a robust suite of audience targeting options. Not only will it enable your business to reach your ideal audience, you can also collect data and optimize these ads based on the demographic, interests, behaviour and other useful data from your TikTok ads. 

TikTok provides comprehensive analytics tools to track the performance of your ads. You can measure impressions, clicks, engagement rates, and conversions, helping you refine your marketing strategy.

In the hands of an excellent digital marketing agency, these data enables Onroas Digital to perform precision targeting to generate higher conversion rates and serve clients with a better return on investment on their digital marketing spend.


How TikTok Marketing and TikTok Ads Can Benefit Your Malaysian Business

  1. Penetrate the local youth market. 

Based on a study on TikTok's penetration rate in the Malaysian market, it was found that about 59.9% of all Malaysians actively use TikTok as a social media platform. Furthermore, about 35.61% of TikTok users in Malaysia are attributable to the age group of 19-25, an age group favored by many marketers especially in the B2C and E-Commerce segments.


  1. Boost Brand Awareness

Owing to TikTok's nature of video virality, businesses can quickly spread their brand messages across to their target audience quickly and at scale, significantly increasing their brand's visibility. Furthermore, branded challenges as well as creative contents can also motivate the brand's loyal customers to produce user-generated content (UGC), all of which serves as an effective source of TikTok marketing. 

  1. Utilizing TikTok To Improve Sales Conversions

Similarly to other forms of social media marketing, such as Facebook and Instagram marketing. Onroas Digital Marketing Agency has found that TikTok marketing is able to provide an additional boost to a business' digital marketing strategy on social media. As the core consensus behind your business' social media branding strategy is to improve customer's recollection and impression of your brand. 

Utilizing TikTok's ease of reaching your desired audience as well as actively producing effective and engaging content, TikTok can drive even more traffic to your website, app, or even sales funnels as well as foster a sense of trust when customers feel more relatable to your brand. All of these are contributing factors on why TikTok marketing is significantly beneficial for a business. 


  1. Stay Ahead of Competitors

We have observed that today, TikTok marketing is still relatively new for Malaysian businesses, with an observable few local businesses having invested into TikTok and achieving immense success. However, with the rise in buzz for TikTok marketing, we have received a spike in enquiries for TikTok marketing services in recent months which has motivated us to establish our TikTok services department. 

We forecast that within the next 12 months, TikTok marketing would become one of the key pillars of digital marketing for businesses across all verticals. With an increase in competition entering the TikTok, we also forecast that business across all verticals which still has not digitize or invest into digital marketing to suffer from decreased competitive edge as well as online visibility. 


Should Your Business Do TikTok Marketing?

TikTok marketing and ads offer Malaysian businesses a unique opportunity to connect with a young, engaged audience and grow their brand presence. By creating captivating content and utilizing TikTok's advertising options, you can boost brand awareness, drive conversions, and ultimately, achieve business success in Malaysia's digital landscape. Embrace TikTok as a valuable addition to your marketing arsenal and unlock its potential to propel your business forward.

Understanding the importance TikTok may become for a business' success in their digital marketing strategy, Onroas Digital has officially launched our TikTok Services department. Interested in hiring a TikTok Marketing Agency from Malaysia? Look no further and reach out to Onroas TikTok Marketing Agency.