Put Your Business At The Top Of Google Search


  • Generate more sales and leads with our Google Search Ads services.
  • We have helped clients achieve over 4,500% ROI with our Google Ads agency
  • Work with the Best Google Ads Agency in Malaysia today to grow your business successfully with Google Ads


Put Your Business At The Top Of Google Search


  • Generate more sales and leads with our Google Search Ads Services.
  • 95% Customer Retention.
  • We have helped clients achieve over 4,500% ROI with our Google Ads Agency.
  • Work with the Best Google Ads Agency In Malaysia today to grow your business successfully with Google Ads.

Increase Your Sales And Leads With Google Ads

Major Types of Google Ads.

Google Search Ads –
Top of Search, Top of Mind

Be seen where it matters most with Google Search Ads, directly targeting users as they search for your offerings.

Google Display Ads –
Visualize Your Brand Everywhere

Spread your brand's story visually with Google Display Ads, ideal for awareness and retargeting across numerous websites.

Youtube Ads –
Stories that Captivate

Engage and inspire with Google Video Ads on YouTube, combining visual and auditory elements for maximum impact.

What Is Google Advertising?

How Many Types Of Google Ads We Do?

Google Advertising Agency

Put Your Business At The Top Of Google Search.

Ever wondered why your competitor is always appearing when you search your services? This is because their businesses are all utilizing Google Advertisements! Google Ads, also known as Google AdWords, is the most important marketing tool every business should utilize. At our Google Ads Agency, we understand the importance of appearing at the top of Google Search as research from Google has shown that almost 90% of Malaysians will only visit the first 5 results of their Google Search.

With Google Ads being the PRIMARY form of demand fulfilment advertising, it is by far the best lead generation channels for any business and is particularly suitable for B2B businesses. As the best Google Ads Agency in Malaysia, we help our clients leverage on Google Search Ads and appear at the top whenever customers are searching for their services.

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is essentially running ads on Google. The most common and effective forms of Google Ads are Google Search Ads, which operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, hence many refer to it as PPC Ads . As advertisers, we are able to place bids on specific keywords that are relevant to the product or service your business offers. By displaying ads on search engine results, your business gains access to a pool of potential prospects that are actively looking for your product or services.

Google Ads also provides varieties of targeting options, including geographic location, demographics, interest, and browsing behavior. This enables Onroas Digital Google Ads Agency to ensure that your ads are shown to the right audience, increasing your conversion rates.

Why Should You Use Google Ads?

Google Ads are one of the most cost efficient forms of advertising today. The rational behind Google Ads can understood by the mechanics behind what drives a successful triggering of your Google Ads.

Under the most-likely scenario, your potential customers are likely to search for your services when they need it. For example, in our case it would be the search query “Google Ads Agency in Malaysia”. As we are currently using Google Search Ads, our website are likely to rank at the top of our customer’s search results. This allows us to obtain these customers that would otherwise have not seen our website or would have contacted our competitors on Google.

Why Choose Our Google Ads Agency?

Top Google Ads Agency

As the best Google Ads Agency in Malaysia, our team have been working with Google Ads since 2016 and have helped countless clients achieve success with their PPC advertising journey.

Our Google Ads Management services have helped our clients rank on the top of Google Search Pages for their services.

ROI-Focused Google Ads

Our Google Ads Agency understands and emphasizes on ROI when it comes to advertising on Google. We have helped clients achieve an ROI of over 38x through Google Search Ads alone.

Our Google Ads management service is designed to drive a strong return on ad spend (ROAS) by ensuring that your campaigns generate meaningful results.

Competitive Pricing

In the competitive Google Ads market, our Google Ads Agency are charging at a competitive rate considering our proven expertise and results that we have gathered with Google Ads.

Our prices start from as low as RM50 per day, we have secured countless long term Google Ads clients with our cost-efficient services and results.

Managed By Google Ads Experts

The team behind our Google Ads Agency have worked with high profile clients to great success with our Google Ads Management Services.

With an eye to detail when it comes to ongoing strategy trends with Google Ads. We ensure that our clients has an advantage when executing Google Advertisements.

All-Inclusive Management

Our Google Ads management service covers everything your business would need when it comes to advertising on Google.

With one price, we manage your Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Youtube Ads, Email Ads and much more! Gain the upper hand and dominate your industry with our Google Ads services.

Transparency and Integrity

We ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of our service process, and what we do to drive optimal results for their Google Ad Campaigns.

Our Google Ads Agency provides monthly performance reports which keeps our clients fully informed about the results and success of their Google Ads campaigns.

Who Is Onroas Digital?

Onroas Digital is one of the best Google Ads Agency in Malaysia. Our Google Ads services team consists of Google Ads veterans who have been actively using and providing Google Ads management services since 2016.

Over the years of using Google Ads, we have developed a proven method and Google Ads strategy that has helped countless Malaysian businesses achieve success with Google Ads. Our primary services would be in Google Search Ads, which would help your business be ranked on the top when people search for your searches on Google.

As a Google Ads Agency, our services for Google Ads Management include Google Search Ads Management, Google Display Ads Management, Youtube Ads Placements, Gmail Marketing as well as other forms of advertisements that is performed on Google’s platforms.

Boost Your Business with Expert Google Ads Management.

Contact us today to discuss how our services can benefit your business and receive a free marketing strategy consultation.​

Partner with us for expert Google Ads management and harness the transformative power of targeted advertising to propel your business to new heights!

At our Digital Marketing Agency, we view Google advertising, commonly known as Google Ads, as a strategy to enable advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users.

The most common and effective forms of Google Ads are Google Search Ads. Google Search Ads are text-based advertisements which allows your businesses to bypass the long processes of building SEO to achieve the top 3 positions in Google Search.

On Google Ads, you are charged based on each click (Towards the landing page of your website).

The average cost per click for Google Ads range from RM 3 – RM 5 depending on the industry. Industries that experience low competition can also achieve cost per click of below RM 1.

Compared to other forms of advertising mediums such as billboards, radio and tv advertising, our digital agency believes Google Ads to be one of the most cost effective forms of marketing.

Simply head to ads.google.com to visit Google’s Ads portal to stard building your first Google Ads Campaign.

Google has made it very simple for new users to launch their Google Ads with the introduction of SMART Campaigns. However as a Google Ads agency, very often the first advice we give to our clients would be to stop their SMART Campaigns as it is one of the most inefficient forms of Google Advertising.

To maximize your results with Google Ads, we recommend engaging with an experienced Google Ads Agency such as Onroas Digital.

Definitely, Google Ads have shown us the best return-on-ads-spend or ROI for ads for most of our clients. As the biggest search engine globally, our digital marketing agency are able to allow our clients to have the greatest reach towards their target audience.

So does Google Ads actually work? Let me give you an example, one of our client provides customized roofing services. When anyone searches for Roofing services we can assume 2 things.

  1. They are currently looking for roofing services
  2. They have a high purchase intent leading to higher conversion rates when compared to other forms of leads.

This is a very common we get asked. When compared to social media marketing such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, Google’s cost per lead typically is higher. However, this is rewarded in exchange for a significantly higher conversion rate which often leads to significantly better ROAS, or ROI for Ads. At our digital marketing agency we describe this phenomenon as “Demand fulfilment” which strongly contrasts against “Demand generation” which is represented by Social Media Marketing.

Back to the question on whether Google Ads are expensive? When compared to other forms of marketing such as billboards, radio, and TV advertising, Google Ads is probably one of the cheapest form of advertising anyone can use today.

To that you are able to enjoy the best results and effectiveness of your Google Ads, we strongly recommend reaching out to a reputable and experienced Google Ads Agency such as Onroas Digital.

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