Get 3x More Sales With Social Media Marketing​.

Improve your brand awareness and generate sales through social media with Malaysia’s leading social media marketing agency.


Get 3x More Sales With Social Media Marketing​.

Improve your brand awareness and generate sales through social media with Malaysia’s leading social media marketing agency.

Social Media Marketing Platforms.


Connect globally, target locally – Facebook's marketing magic.

Facebook marketing allows for precise demographic targeting to engage your target audiences effectively.


Capture hearts, spark trends – Instagram's your stage.

Marketing on Instagram takes a visual focused approach for brand storytelling, and attracting engaged audiences.


Trend today, triumph tomorrow – Unleash creativity on TikTok.

TikTok's algorithm excels in viral content potential. Use TikTok Marketing to reach a vast and young audience quickly.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is one of the most accessible forms of marketing for businesses today. It taps into the capabilities of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to drive brand awareness, business engagement and sales/leads generation for your business.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Social Media Marketing Agency

Unlock the Power of Facebook Ads Service for Explosive Business Growth.

As one of the most popular platforms for social media marketing, Facebook Ads have revolutionized the world of digital marketing. This social media platform has over 2 billion individual users worldwide! Presenting an immense opportunity for businesses to reach and engage with their desired audience. Social media marketing on Facebook is also highly preferred due to their highly targeted advertising capabilities, businesses can tailor their messaging to specific demographics, locations, and interests, ensuring their ads are seen by the right people at the right time.

Marketing agencies such as ourselves focus our social media marketing services on Facebook as the platform provides a wide range of features and tools to optimize campaigns, track performance, and refine targeting strategies. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or boost conversions, Facebook Ads offer a versatile and effective solution.

If you are looking to promote your marketing campaign on social media, Facebook is definitely your go-to.

Engage With Your Customers With Instagram Advertising.

Just like Facebook marketing, Instagram is also another favorite for businesses looking to explore social media marketing. This is because this social media platform is designed to improve follower engagement for brands, namely with their convenient “Instagram stories” feature, allowing you to appear in front of your customers with ease. Furthermore, as Facebook and Instagram fall under the same umbrella known as Meta, marketing on Instagram allows you to enjoy all of the same benefits as with marketing on Facebook.

What is often overlooked when comparing your social media marketing channel is the fact that Instagram is the perfect channel to perform visual storytelling, a defining feature that makes more businesses prefer social media marketing on Instagram.

With over millions of Malaysians posting pictures, videos onto Instagram every day, marketing on Instagram is becoming increasingly crucial for brands that want to stay relevant in this fast paced digital environment.

Unleash Creativity On TikTok For Maximum Awareness.

Advertising on TikTok is becoming a new favorite platform for social media marketing among the Malaysian businesses. As the best social media marketing agency, we offer a full suite of TikTok services including TikTok Ads Management, TikTok Video Productions, Script Planning For TikTok Videos, and also Video Editing Services to ensure our clients achieve the best success with TikTok Marketing.

We found that TikTok Advertising is the ideal way to spread your brand awareness to a greater audience. As the platform’s algorithms make it a suitable venue to produce engaging short contents that drives brand engagement, views and likes. We have had clients that have achieved unexpected growth due to the virality effect that TikTok marketing brings to the table.

If you are looking to build up your brand with TikTok, we suggest partnering up with leading social media marketing agencies such as Onroas. Take the guesswork out of play and implement proven and effective TikTok strategies to drive your brand to the next level.

Why Work With Us.

Certified Meta Business Partner

Our certification as a Meta Business Partner highlights our expertise and commitment to excellence in social media marketing.

This prestigious recognition ensures that we have the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to manage and optimize your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns effectively.

Results-Oriented Strategies

Take the guesswork out of our social media marketing. We provide our clients with proven effective social media marketing strategies that we have collected since 2016.

Perform effective and efficient social media marketing with our strategies.

ROI-Focused Campaigns

As the best social media marketing agency, we understand the importance of maximizing our client’s return on investment into marketing.

Our social media marketing services are designed to ensure that your campaigns generate meaningful results.

Extensive Hands-On Experience

With our extensive hands-on experience in social media marketing, we know what works and what doesn’t to ensure that you can avoid pitfalls in your marketing roadmap.

We stay up to date with industry trends and best practices, ensuring that your marketing efforts are set up for success.

Reasonable Pricing

Our social media marketing agency provides cost-effective solutions that align with our client’s business goals

Our social media marketing services are reasonably priced, starting from as low as RM40 per day, guaranteeing affordability and cost-effectiveness.

Transparency and Integrity

As the leading social media marketing agency, we practice transparency and integrity. Our clients has the ownership of all of their ads accounts to be able to check for live-updates.

Our social media agency also provides detailed monthly reporting, keeping you fully informed about the performance of your marketing campaigns.

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Our marketing agency views social media marketing as a strategy that utilizes Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as social media platforms, to promote the product, service, or brand to our client’s audience. It involves creating and managing a Facebook page, Instagram page and TikTok accounts as a communication channel to maintain contact with and attract customers, deploying targeted advertisements, sharing content, and engaging with followers to build community and brand loyalty.

Product promotions that you often see on Facebook feed, shorts, or even instagram and TikTok are an example of social media marketing.

Our digital marketing agency uses social media marketing to create highly targeted ad campaigns that reach specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.

We optimize ad spend by analyzing data, testing different ad formats, and creating compelling content that increases engagement and conversion rates to ensure our clients succeed with either Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising and TikTok advertising.

The short answer: Yes, they do. Our Digital Marketing Agency hs clients who have achieved 20-30x ROAS from Social Media Ads alone in 2023.

To understand Social Media Ads, it is a platform that allows your business to appear infront of your potential clients based on their geographic location, interests, buying habits and demographic. Put yourselves in their shoes, if the right product appears with an attractive proposition, would you consider using their products/services? This would be the nature of Social Media Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Social Media advertising is effective due to its vast user base, sophisticated targeting options, and the ability to create varied ad formats. It offers detailed analytics, which helps in understanding the performance of campaigns and in making data-driven decisions to improve ROI.

This applies to whether our client is advertising on Facebook, marketing on Instagram or running ads on TikTok.

Absolutely! Small businesses can benefit significantly from social media marketing as it provides a cost-effective way to reach a large audience, engage with customers, and build brand loyalty. Even with a small budget, businesses can achieve substantial results due to the platform’s advanced targeting capabilities.

Considering alternatives to garnering awareness to your business such as Billboards, TV, Press Releases which may all start with a price tag of RM 50,000 – RM 100,000.

Social media marketing with the use of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok allows our customers to reach their desired audience with ad spend starting from RM 1,500.00.

Facebook ads would be suitable for brand awareness building as well as appealing towards a more mature audience segment ranging from 24-45 years old. It is also suitable for businesses to engage with their audiences with the use of Facebook marketing.

Instagram ads share similar benefits to Facebook but are more visually oriented as the platform is designed for visual storytelling. The target audience on Instagram marketing would be younger as well ranging from 18-35 years old.

TikTok advertising would be more suitable when targeting young demographics ranging from 16-25 as these are the main user demographics in Malaysia. Based on statistics, it is also desirable if your target audience are Malay clients as that would be the largest demographic active on TikTok.

In order to maximize your results with Social Media Marketing, we recommend that you use Onroas Digital as your preferred digital marketing agency to gain the maximum returns from your social media ads.

The frequency of posts or ads depends on your business goals, audience engagement, and content strategy. It’s important to maintain a consistent presence without overwhelming your audience. Analyzing engagement data can help determine the optimal frequency for your specific audience.

At Onroas, our digital marketing agency recommends maintaining a 9-12 posts per month to keep your audiences engaged.

More of our services.

Google Ads

Boost your online presence with Google Ads. Specializing in search and display networks, we deliver targeted traffic and leads, maximizing ROI through optimized ad performance and analytics.

TikTok Marketing

Leverage TikTok Marketing for innovative audience engagement. Our approach combines creative content, trend utilization, and influencer collaborations, maximizing your brand’s reach on this fast-growing social media platform.

Social Media Management

Optimize your digital footprint with our Social Media Management. We handle content creation, audience engagement, and brand voice consistency, enhancing your presence across major social networks.

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